CUNY professors’ free-speech case could be next blow to Big Labor

Source: New York Post
by Mark Mix

“Union officials often bemoan how so-called ‘dark money’ in politics is supposedly being used to ‘rig the system’ against workers. Ignored, of course, is how Big Labor has managed to rig the system in its favor by buying undue political influence with money seized from workers under threat of termination if they refuse to pay. This power to extort rank-and-file workers to pay up or be fired still exists for private sector workers not covered by a state Right-to-Work law, which guarantees you can’t be forced into a union to keep your job. But a landmark US Supreme Court ruling five years ago ended union officials’ ability to dragoon millions of government workers into funding union politics. In 2018’s Janus v. AFSCME, the justices ruled that the First Amendment protects public employees from being forced to subsidize government-union speech.” (09/03/23)