Tracking Orwellian Change: “Democracy”

Source: Racket News
by Matt Taibbi

“In honor of the recent infuriating Grayzone episode, and at suggestion of Racket readers like Jim Geschke (of ‘Quoth the Maven’), a term whose journey is not from left to right, but meaningful to meaningless: DEMOCRACY (n): Whatever we are and Russia is not. Stops at nothing to defend itself, boldly casting norms aside to preserve norms. Contact Aurum Speakers Bureau to hear Anne Applebaum speak on its behalf. Synonymous with the ‘rules-based international order,’ even though the ‘international order’ views attachment to democratic sovereignty as nationalism. Is already ‘on the ballot,’ and a t-shirt, for 2024. Paradoxically those who cast ballots for ‘democracy’ are more inclined to wonder lately if there is too much of it here.” (08/31/23)