Covid is back. A fruitless national freakout shouldn’t come with it.

Source: Washington Post
by Ramesh Ponnuru

“The coronavirus is spreading nationally again. It has hit my family over the past couple of weeks, although my own case was mild. I’m hoping that if there’s another flare-up of the covid-19 wars in our politics, it will be mild, too. Here and there you can see people saying that all of us need to retrieve our masks, and others vowing that they will never submit to mandates and lockdowns. But this debate seems useful only for inflaming our social and political divisions. We’re not going to return to social distancing or shut down schools. That’s partly because the current coronavirus numbers are still much lower than previous peaks. Yet even if the numbers rise considerably, the public is not going to accept restrictive coronavirus mitigation measures again, regardless of what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or other public health authorities say.” (08/31/23)