By Now Jake Sullivan Expected Russia To Be Destroyed

by Martin Sieff

“The extraordinary Seymour Hersh, now 86 and still more worth reading than the entire output of The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, Time, Newsweek, and the farcical PBS news coverage combined, has just released another enormous scoop on his personal sub stack. It appeared there, of course, because none of our Wonderful, Fearless, Proud, Independent and Brave, Globally Revered News Media dared to touch it. Hersh cites a US intelligence official as telling him that the recent vague, US-planned and directed two-day international peace summit on Ukraine in Saudi Arabia – which in reality turned out to be a mortal humiliation for the United States – had been planned by National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, who attended it, as a crushing humiliation and diplomatic annihilation for Russia after the most recent Ukrainian ‘counter-offensive’ had destroyed what was left of the Russian army.” (08/31/23)