Lift the Criminal Blockade on Yemen

by Daniel Larison

“The Biden administration hasn’t followed through on its commitment to end U.S. support for the Saudi coalition war on Yemen. Almost four months since Biden announced the end to US support for Saudi coalition ‘offensive operations,’ the administration refuses to tell Congress what kind of support it has halted …. The Saudi coalition continues to commit crimes against humanity by keeping this blockade in place. No one can seriously claim that the blockade has successfully prevented the Houthis from obtaining whatever weapons they want. Like the blockade of Gaza that it resembles, the blockade of Yemen slowly strangles civilians to death without doing anything to halt the flow of weapons. Lifting the blockade must be separated from a ceasefire. Keeping it in place does nothing to end the fighting, but we know that it is killing the weakest and most vulnerable Yemenis every day.” (06/02/21)