How Strong Was Taiwan’s COVID Response?

Source: Quillette
by Ben Weinstein

“Taiwan’s recent outbreak raises the question: How strong were the Taiwanese COVID defenses in the first place? Judged only by its results prior to May 2021, Taiwan’s performance appeared to be exemplary. The country had just 1,300 total COVID cases and 0.05 deaths per 100,000, compared to 214 deaths per 100,000 in Belgium, 205 in Italy, or 178 in the United States. Even among East Asian nations, which regionally performed well against the pandemic, Taiwan’s results stood out. Life continued to be relatively normal in Taiwan as most countries saw massive disruptions. Articles appeared in global media outlets touting Taiwan as the country that ‘beat COVID’ by employing a rational playbook that America and Europe could have also followed. But to what extent did such a ‘solution’ exist? And if there is one, how closely was Taiwan following it?” (06/01/21)