How the Profit Motive Makes Discrimination Less than Otherwise

Source: EconLog
by David Henderson

“Because I have a cottage at Minaki, Ontario and am originally from Manitoba, I’m on a newly formed members-only Facebook group of Manitobans with cottages in northwestern Ontario. (I confessed to the organizer that I’m now a Californian and he said that was alright.) Why such a group? Because Doug Ford, the Premier of Ontario, has taken measures against freedom of movement that make my governor, Governor Newsom, look positively libertarian by comparison. Ontario has its own provincial police force, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP). Ford has set up road blocks to stop people entering Ontario from Quebec in the east and Manitoba in the west. … The organizer asked people to name retail stores and other businesses in northwestern Ontario that welcomed of people with Manitoba license plates. After a short pause, many people gave many examples.” (06/01/21)