Asian Privilege?

Source: Common Sense
by Paul Jacob

“Seventy-three percent of the smart students at Thomas Jefferson High School happen to be Asian. TJHS is a highly-rated STEM magnet school in Virginia’s Washington, D.C. suburbs, where entry had, until recently, been based on an admissions exam. That’s more than three times the percentage of Asian Americans among Fairfax County, Virginia, public school students. European-American students make up the largest racial block at 38 percent, but account for only 18 percent of attendees at this elite high school. Hispanics represent 27 percent of all students and African Americans 10 percent, but garnered, respectively, 3 and 1 percent of the coveted slots. Are educators specifically advantaging Asian kids? Well, more than 80 percent of Fairfax County teachers are white, 7 percent black and only 5 percent Asian, says a separate Post report. Asian privilege seems unlikely. So … what are Asian American students doing differently? Studying?” (06/01/21)