Tax Subsidy Spurious — St. Louis Grift

Source: Show-Me Institute
by David Stokes

“St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones is giving me hope with her more disciplined approach to tax subsidies in the City of St. Louis, but despite this the requests — and unfortunately, the approvals — for far too many harmful and unnecessary tax subsidies keep coming in throughout our region. Chesterfield is a vibrant, popular, and growing area. The idea that tax subsidies are needed for businesses there is absurd. So, what does St. Louis County do when a new studio wants to build a production facility there? Well, give away the store, of course. This week the county council unanimously passed a subsidy worth between $88 and $130 million for the new business in one of the most successful and wealthy parts of the state. This is insanity.” (06/01/21)