An Urgent Economic Warning

Source: American Consequences
by Dr. Ron Paul

“With the pandemic waning stateside, one truth emerges from this past year. the U.S. government has leveraged the COVID-19 crisis to gain even more power and control of our lives. Many on Capitol Hill have cynically turned the panic of our citizenry into political profit for themselves, while many are barely getting by financially. Despite trillions in government stimulus, last year brought the most dramatic spike in U.S. poverty since the 1960s. Eighteen million Americans are still on some form of unemployment. And this year, many of those folks are in danger of losing their homes. Don’t forget, even before the panic began, 78% of Americans were living paycheck to paycheck. And even though you might assume that refers to low-wage earner, one out of four families making $150,000 or more a year were in the same dire position.” (06/01/21)