India: Modi to inaugurate controversial new parliament building

Source: CNN

“Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to inaugurate India’s new parliament building in New Delhi on Sunday, part of a controversial $2.4 billion revamp of the capital’s historic center that his critics have called a ‘vanity project.’ … the impending opening has become a flashpoint in the ongoing political and cultural war between Modi and his opponents, who accuse the populist [sic] leader of being ‘authoritarian’ and ‘undemocratic.’ In this instance, they have taken issue with Modi’s decision to inaugurate the parliament building himself, rather than letting India’s President and head of state, Droupadi Murmu, lead the ceremony. In a statement, 19 political parties announced Wednesday they will boycott the opening, saying that parliament ‘cannot function’ without the president and calling Modi’s prominent role in the ceremony a ‘direct assault’ on India’s democracy.” (05/23)