Weakening Capital Punishment Jury Standards Risks Injustice

Source: National Review
by Christian Schneider

“When a New York jury earlier this month found former president Donald Trump liable for sexually abusing writer E. Jean Carroll, many of his Republican supporters rallied to condemn the judicial process that forced him to cough up a $5 million judgment. … While GOP elected officials complain that it is too easy for a corrupt jury to railroad a septuagenarian pervert, Florida recently weakened juries that impose the government’s most powerful criminal penalty — the ability to kill U.S. citizens. Until April, it took a unanimous jury — twelve votes — to condemn a Florida defendant to death. But Governor Ron DeSantis, a newly minted presidential candidate, signed a bill lowering the threshold for death-penalty convictions to only eight juror votes — the lowest threshold of any of the 27 states that impose capital punishment.” (05/25/23)