This Is Not a Spectator Sport

Source: Show-Me Institute
by Susan Pendergrass

“It was a banner year for families and education reform — outside of Missouri. Iowa parents got a big win. Once its new school choice law is fully phased in, families will be able to take $7,600 to the public or private school of their choice. The Oklahoma Legislature also scored a victory for parents. Oklahoma students who choose a private school can take a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for tuition …. In Arkansas, Governor Sanders signed a sweeping education bill …. Once again, Missouri parents came up shorthanded. … Nearly every family in the state of Missouri is given exactly one choice for their children’s education, and if it isn’t a fit — too bad.” [editor’s note: Every family in Missouri is free to choose from any school in the world. The only question is which schools they can demand someone else PAY FOR – TLK] (05/24/23)