Russia’s military is less than meets the eye

Source: The Hill
by Ilan Berman

“For many years now, officials in Moscow have extolled the virtues of Russia’s ‘wonder weapons,’ military breakthroughs and technological advances (such as fifth generation fighter jets, autonomous battle tanks, and mechanized combat walkers) that they maintained were nothing short of game-changers in modern warfare. For most of that time, officials in Washington and European capitals believed them, and tempered a great many of their policies so as not to antagonize the Kremlin. But the war in Ukraine has changed all that. Nearly a year-and-a-half into Russia’s ‘special military operation’ against its western neighbor, its next-generation arms have failed to materialize in any meaningful way. … To the contrary, as the conflict has dragged on, Russia has been forced to rely more and more on foreign military supplies and old Soviet-era hardware to shore up its badly depleted forces.” (05/24/23)