Poland: Ruling party wants commission to investigate “Russian influence”

Source: SFGate

“The Polish ruling party is pushing for the creation of a commission which it says would investigate Russian influence in Poland. Critics view it as an attempt to create a powerful and unconstitutional tool that would help the party continue to wield power even if it loses elections this fall. Some fear the right-wing ruling party could use the planned commission to eliminate opposition leader Donald Tusk from political life. Tusk is the greatest threat to the ruling party, Law and Justice, as it seeks a third consecutive term in the vote expected in October. Opposition senators dubbed it ‘Lex Tusk,’ using the Latin term for ‘law,’ and rejected it earlier this month in the upper house, where they hold a majority. It now returns to the more powerful lower house of parliament, the Sejm, where the ruling party can usually muster a slim majority. A vote is expected on Friday.” (05/24/23)