TX: Attorney general under sudden Republican scrutiny at state Capitol

Source: US News & World Report

“Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on Wednesday faced sudden new risks to his political future as an investigative state House committee laid out an extraordinary public airing of scandal and alleged lawbreaking that has long trailed one of Texas'[s] top Republicans. For more than two hours, investigators presented findings alleging that Paxton sought to hide an affair, misused his office to help a donor, skirted protocols ‘grossly outside’ norms and built a culture of fear and retaliation in his office. Investigators told the GOP-led House General Investigative Committee that there was evidence that Paxton had committed multiple felonies and misdemeanors over the years, including misuse of official information, abuse of official capacity and retaliation. … The House committee’s investigation has been quietly going on for months and did not come to light until Tuesday.” (05/24/23)