NY: Seeking asylum and work, migrants bused out of NYC find hostility

Source: SFGate

“Before he left Mauritania, the West African nation of his birth, Mohamed thought of New York as a place of ‘open arms,’ a refuge for immigrants fleeing dire circumstances. Now that he’s here, seeking political asylum from a government he feared would kill him, he doesn’t feel welcome. The 19-year-old has become a pawn in an escalating stand-off between New York City and suburban and upstate communities, which are using lawsuits, emergency orders and political pressure to keep people like him out. Mohamed is one of about 400 international migrants the city has been putting up in a small number of hotels in other parts of the state this month to relieve pressure on its overtaxed homeless shelter system. Some of the relocated asylum seekers say they now regret leaving the city, pointing to a lack of job opportunities and resources to pursue their asylum cases, as well as a hostile reception.” (05/24/23)