Hunter College freakout proves left loves violence and hates speech

Source: New York Post
by editorial board

“The new credo of the American left is: Speech I don’t like is violence; violence I like is speech. Look no farther for proof than Hunter College adjunct Shellyne Rodriguez, who held a machete to Post reporter Reuven Fenton’s neck Tuesday after he dared seek comment on her earlier attack on a student pro-life-information table. ‘Get the f–k away from my door or I’m gonna chop you up with this machete,’ shouted the unhinged academic, 46, before chasing Post photographer Robert Miller down the street. This follows her earlier meltdown in a Hunter hallway. As now-viral video shows, on May 2 she spotted some pamphlets she disliked and told the students behind the table, ‘This is violent. You’re triggering my students’ — then threw literature off their display.” (05/24/23)