FBI whistleblowers the real-life victims of deplorable government corruption

Source: Fox News
by David Marcus

“As damning as John Durham’s report on the FBI’s abominable handling of alleged Russian collusion by Donald Trump in 2016 is, it is not an emotional document. But on Thursday three FBI informants showed us the human faces of this deplorable corruption. Corruption that on Friday we learned from a bombshell Washington Post report includes wrongfully using the Section 702 database to surveil Americans an astounding 278,000 times, including January 6th suspects and conservative political donors. FBI agents Garret O’Boyle, Marcus Allen and Steve Friend, all of whom say they were stripped of security clearance and pay for bringing concerns about FBI abuses to their superiors, painted a scary picture as they testified before the House subcommittee on the weaponization of government.” (05/24/23)