Love of Freedom Defines Political Left [sic], Not the Right [sic]

Source: Common Dreams
by Chris Wright

“It is claimed that to be on the right is to value freedom above all (this is what ‘small government’ is supposed to mean, for example), while to be on the left is to value equality, if necessary an equality enforced tyrannically by an enormous, Soviet-style government. Nothing could be farther from the truth than this conventional wisdom. The opposite is closer to reality: To be on the right means, in effect, to advocate an enforced equality of nearly universal servitude and anti-democracy, while to be on the left means to value the greatest freedom for the greatest number. … Underlying this debate about definitions and political commitments is an important strategic point: The left has to reclaim the language of freedom from the faux-libertarian right.” [editor’s note: I’ll let our readers evaluate the veracity of this one for themselves – SAT] (05/24/23)