Big Pharma Using Fuzzy Math to Discredit Discount Drug Program

Source: Common Dreams
by John Arcano

“The recent wave of articles on the 340B Drug Pricing Program’s supposedly ‘out-of-control’ growth relies on faulty comparisons and fuzzy math. News reports and opinion columns often cite misleading statistics from 340B opponents. Drug industry-approved ‘experts’ have become known for offering faint praise for the good intentions of a program gone awry. Faux concerns mask their real intent, which is to gut 340B. The truth is, the program functions today the same way Congress intended at its start in 1992. Drug company spin asserts 340B has morphed into a program unrecognizable to federal legislators. But, while 340B has admittedly grown since creation, the program is not on autopilot. Drug makers have the entire commercial insurance and federal entitlement drug markets to reap massive profits. Yet the drug industry remains unsatisfied with less-than-outrageous profits for a small slice of prescription drug sales.” (05/24/23)