The Rise of the Anti-Ideological Right, part 2

Source: Eyes on the Right
by Damon Linker

“In my last post, I argued that one crucial thing that separates former president Donald Trump (and his supporters) from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (and his supporters) is ideology. Not that the two men have different ideologies, but that DeSantis is an ideological candidate (as of the evening of Wednesday, May 24) while Trump is not. I summarized the difference between ideological and non-ideological politics in the following way: DeSantis says: Look at all these great policies I’ve enacted! Trump says: I’ll kick the shit out of your enemies! But this isn’t sufficient to differentiate between ideological and non-ideological forms of right-wing antiliberalism. My goal in this post is to go further in explaining this key differences between them, and to lay out the distinctive dangers of each.” (05/24/23)