IRS coverup of Hunter Biden could be scandal that sinks a presidency

by James Bovard

“Hunter Biden is a tax dodger straight out of IRS Central Casting. He and other Bidens pocketed more than $10 million from shady foreigners, triggering a bushel of Treasury Department suspicious-activity reports. Hunter stiffed the IRS and was slapped by a tax lien of $112,805 for his 2015 taxes. His tax defaults were so bad that the IRS threatened to cancel his passport. … If Hunter had been charged with tax violations prior to the 2020 election, his father might have lost the race because it would have bolstered Donald Trump’s charges of Joe Biden’s corruption. Last year, Hunter was saved by an angel of mercy when a Hollywood mega-lawyer paid Hunter’s $2 million+ IRS debt. Last week, another angel of mercy arrived when the Justice Department ordered the IRS to effectively fire its entire team that had spent years investigating Hunter Biden.” (05/23/23)