Ukraine war: US regime denies involvement in Russia raid

Source: euronews [EU]

“Washington has insisted it does not ‘encourage or enables [sic] strikes inside of Russia,’ after the border region of Belgorod came under attack on Monday. Though Kyiv has denied involvement, the two-day incursion — which Moscow says it has now defeated — was the largest raid on Russian territory since the war began. The Kremlin released images of damaged and discarded Western military vehicles, including US-made Humvees, after the attack. A US state department spokesman acknowledged allegations that US-supplied weapons had been used were ‘circulating on social media and elsewhere,’ but said Washington was ‘sceptical at this time of the veracity of these reports.’ Two Russian anti-Putin paramilitary groups claimed responsibility for the raid in the southwest border region, saying at one stage they were in control of a piece of Russian territory. Moscow says it killed more than 70 ‘Ukrainian nationalists.'” (05/24/23)