NY: College student details professor’s tirade against an anti-abortion display

Source: Fox News

“A student at a New York City college is speaking out after a professor ‘berate[d]’ him and other students for a pro-life display. ‘I think she was mostly offended by our general presence on campus,’ CUNY Hunter College student Patrick Rubi said, of the professor. … Rubi explained he and other students were manning a table displaying pro-life literature earlier this month when they were confronted by an angry professor, who shouted profanities at the students before tossing materials off the table, video of the interaction shows. ‘You’re not educating s—, this is f—ing propaganda,’ the professor tells the students in a clip posted to Twitter by Students for Life of America. ‘What are you going to do, like anti-trans next?'” (05/23/23)