Sorry: Title 8 is NOT halting the madness [sic] at the border

Source: New York Post
by staff

“Border Patrol officials report fewer illegal [sic] migrants entering just now, but don’t think the crisis [sic] is over. The key tool President Joe Biden’s using to slow the tide, Title 8, is just setting up the nation up for bigger nightmares later. Title 8, which the Bidenites rely on now that Title 42 has ended, allows deportation of migrants who enter without a legal basis [sic]. And those who reenter after are then subject to criminal prosecution. Yet, as The Post’s MaryAnn Martinez reports, these repeat offenders [sic] typically get sent to holding cells to await a court date …. So available cells are filling up fast; some facilities are already at or beyond capacity. Which triggers a mass release inside the country, with migrants simply getting handed a Notice to Appear in court later.” [editor’s note: The “crisis” never ends, because it’s a politically motivated moral panic scam – TLK] (05/23/23)