Source: The American Prospect
by Maureen Tkacik

“No one in the coastal farming town of Watsonville, California, was much impressed when the cash-strapped owner of their struggling hospital, Quorum Health, announced in June 2019 that it was selling them out to something called Halsen Healthcare. Halsen was a limited liability vehicle incorporated by a guy named Dan Brothman literally the day before the press release went out. Brothman’s last hospital job had involved orchestrating a diabolical whistleblower retaliation campaign against a doctor who’d written an email to other doctors about the hospital’s precarious finances; it had later emerged in court that the hospital had paid a strip club bouncer to plant a gun in the doctor’s car and get him arrested in a phony ‘road rage’ incident as a means of ‘humbling’ him. It was hard to believe Brothman was allowed to work in a hospital in California, much less own one.” (05/23/23)