The Rise of Right-Progressivism

Source: Reason
by Stephanie Slade

“An epithet has emerged on the post-liberal fringes of the online conservative movement: right-liberal. It’s a term these critics apply to libertarians, old-school Reaganite conservatives, and anyone else who prefers individualism to collectivism or believes that it benefits everyone to keep markets as free as possible from government meddling. Liberal in this context means classically liberal, the political outlook that emphasizes individual rights, limited government, and the rule of law. But the writers who deploy this supposedly disparaging sobriquet hope that rank-and-file conservatives will hear liberal and assume a leftist orientation. … the invocation of ‘right-liberalism’ is ironic as well as facile, because the post-liberals who disparage it are unapologetic proponents of actual left-wing [sic] policies, such as tariffs, industrial subsidies, and aggressive antitrust action, even against companies that don’t meet the traditional definition of monopolies. It would be no exaggeration to designate this cohort right-progressives.” (for publication 06/23)