Dogwhistling DeSantis

Source: CounterPunch
by Tom H Hastings

“The 2024 Republican presidential primary is really shaping up. Amongst the randos running, the race to the bottom is now underway. Trump says he thinks the US should default and take our chances with triggering a depression rather than roll back the tax breaks for the uber rich that he pushed through when he occupied the White House. DeSantis just signed legislation that bans investing in clean energy in Florida, a signal to the rightwing base that he is fighting the horrible woke agenda of Biden and the like, and that supporting dirty energy is his standard-bearing position. Burn, baby, burn. And of course, DeSantis is battling every way that people of color, nonbinary, queer, trans, and others who aren’t of his race or sexual identity/orientation might be considered human beings worthy of human rights.” (05/23/23)