Back to the Future on Licensing in Missouri

Source: Show-Me Institute
by Avery Frank

“Missouri passed universal licensing reciprocity in 2020, meaning licenses from all other states can be used in Missouri. For example, 37 states across the country require licensure to be a makeup artist. Licensing reciprocity means that anyone who has a license in one of the 37 states can have Missouri licensing requirements waived when they move to Missouri to be a makeup artist. This policy lowers barriers to entry for professionals and in turn, increases the supply of workers and services. With increased supply and competition, quality increases while prices decrease. However, Missouri legislators have taken the DeLorean and gone back in time by sending two bills … to the governor’s desk. The bills would create a new licensing compact and also have Missouri join two other existing compacts. … These compacts are essentially a less inclusive version of licensing reciprocity.” (05/22/23)