Russia: Fighting in Belgorod region enters second day after raid from Ukraine

Source: Reuters

“Fighting in Russia’s Belgorod region entered a second day on Tuesday, and its governor told residents who fled after a cross-border incursion of armed fighters from Ukraine that it was still not safe to return to their homes. Monday’s incursion, apparently involving armoured vehicles, was the biggest raid into Russia since the war began 15 months ago, though details including the number of fighters involved, their affiliation and the extent of any clashes, could not be independently confirmed. Russian authorities evacuated residents from the region’s Graivoron district after the raiding forces claimed to have captured the border town of Kozinka and several others. … One of the groups claiming responsibility for the incursion, the Freedom of Russia Legion …. and a second group, the Russian Volunteer Corps (RVC), say they represent armed Russian fighters opposed to the Kremlin and operating from Ukraine.” (05/23/23)