Revolving Door Project to Biden DOJ: Don’t Defend “Unconstitutional” Debt Ceiling Against Lawsuit

Source: Common Dreams

“A government watchdog on Monday urged the U.S. Justice Department not to defend the debt ceiling statute against a lawsuit recently filed by a union of federal employees and to support the group’s effort to expedite its case as the crucial June 1 deadline nears. ‘Attorney General Merrick Garland must refuse to defend the unconstitutional legal incoherence that is the debt ceiling,’ Jeff Hauser, executive director of the Revolving Door Project, said in a statement. ‘The Justice Department should file papers supporting the National Association of Government Employees’ request.’ Hauser’s demand came days after the National Association of Government Employees (NAGE) filed for an emergency injunction in their case, which was initially brought on May 8.” (05/22/23)