2028 or 1984? Which Will Come First?

Source: Town Hall
by Mark Lewis

“My reference to ‘1984’ in the title is not specifically to that year, but to George Orwell’s book of that name. If you haven’t read it, you should (along with ‘Animal Farm’). The mind-control by ‘Big Brother’ is the aim of every totalitarian system, including the one the Democratic Party wishes to establish in America (more on that in a moment). The election of 2024 might determine if the United States is headed towards a George Orwell-1984 type society. Revolutions are complicated things. A new government might be instituted in a day, but nearly always takes a while to solidify its hold on society. Adolf Hitler came to power (legally) on January 30, 1933, but it took a few years, and several laws, before he was actually the dictator of Germany. Ditto in Russia.” (05/22/23)