Uber Puts Diversity Head on Leave After Worker Backlash Over “Don’t Call Me Karen” Events

Source: Gizmodo

“Uber has put Bo Young Lee, its head of diversity, equity, and inclusion, also referred to as DEI, on leave in recent days after employees expressed outrage over a series of events she moderated titled, ‘Don’t Call Me Karen,’ according to report from the New York Times. … Employees had expressed outrage over Lee’s ‘Don’t Call Me Karen’ events, which the company described as conversations ‘diving into the spectrum of the American white woman’s experience.’ The events focused specifically on women deemed ‘Karens,’ or white women who call the police on [b]lack people. … Uber employees said they felt they were being lectured about why the term ‘Karen’ was derogatory and the struggles of white women. When they raised their concerns to Lee, who has been Uber’s head of diversity since 2018, she reportedly dismissed them.” (05/22/23)