Where Living With Friends Is Still Technically Illegal

Source: The Atlantic
by Michael Waters

“You might say communal living runs in Julia Rosenblatt’s family. Her parents met in a six-unit house shared by college students and anti-war activists in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, in the 1970s and lived there until shortly before her birth. In high school, Rosenblatt heard stories about the commune and fantasized about the lifestyle, she told me. So when, as an adult, she decided to move into a house with 10 other people … it wasn’t a big surprise to her family and friends. … A few months after moving in, Rosenblatt found a cease-and-desist letter in the mail from the city, demanding that the 11 of them vacate their house. The charge was an obscure zoning violation: Rosenblatt’s group had broken the definition of family in Hartford. … laws like Hartford’s are widespread across the U.S., though they are unevenly enforced.” (05/22/23)