Ron DeSantis Wants a Referendum on “Freedom.” Fine — It’s a Fight He’ll Lose.

Source: The New Republic
by Michael Tomasky

“If Ron DeSantis had spent the past few years positioning himself as a quote-unquote normal conservative, I’d be seriously worried about the presidential candidacy he’s set to announce this week. By ‘normal’ conservative, I mean someone running basically on the free-market economy, tax cuts, and deregulation, with the usual sprinkling of sops thrown to the culture warriors. This would be a formidable DeSantis. That DeSantis would have some stuff to brag about. … [Instaed h]e’s declared himself the field marshal of a cultural civil war. A decade or so ago, this too would have scared me. But in today’s United States, my bet is that most people don’t want to live in an intolerant society that basically outlaws abortion and bans books and allows nearly anybody to carry a permit-less firearm and gives the state the right to take children away from their parents in the name of ‘freedom.'” (05/22/23)