The Rise of the Anti-Ideological Right, part 1

Source: Eyes on the Right
by Damon Linker

“Sometimes a tweet floats by in my timeline on Twitter that so perfectly captures the sensibility of a faction in our public life that I have to pause to contemplate it. That’s what happened with a tweet from conservative radio host and blogger Erick Erickson last Thursday. ‘Team Trump is defending Disney, defending Bud Light, and attacking pro-lifers. Just amazing.’ This tweet is important because it expresses in very few words the understandable exasperation of a certain kind of conservative-movement writer or intellectual who has struggled over the last eight years to respond in ideological terms to the challenge of Donald Trump. The problem, and the reason for the struggle, is that Trump is not and never has been an ideological figure. On the contrary, the challenge he poses is rooted in a rejection of ideological politics altogether.” (05/22/23)