UK: IT employee sues boss after mistaking his initials for lewd reference, email abbreviations for sexual advances

Source: Fox News

“A tech worker in England tried to sue her former boss after apparently believing email abbreviations he used, such as ‘xx’ and ‘???,’ were codes asking for a sexual relationship. Karina Gasparova, an IT worker at ‘paperless global trade management’ company essDOCS, filed a sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit against her boss Alexander Goulandris outlining alleged misbehavior dating back to 2019, according to the Independent. A judge threw the case out after an employment tribunal at London Central Court heard Gasparova’s claims. The IT employee claimed that Goulandris’[s] use of ‘xx’ in emails to her were attempts to kiss her, ‘yy’ was code for sexual contact and ‘???’ was coded language inquiring ‘when she would be ready’ to engage in a sexual relationship. Gasparova, who represented herself, pointed to an email as evidence of her claims, arguing it showed Goulandris’[s] alleged desire to ‘engage in sexual acts.'” (05/21/23)