Corruption, democracy, and courts

Source: The Price of Liberty
by Nathan Barton

“Readers know that we here at The Price of Liberty have little truck with those who believe that democracy is the only acceptable form of government. Shucks, we don’t believe in human mandatory government. Similarly we have serious problems with government-appointed and -paid courts and judges and all the rest of the adjudication system. We read that the head (chief judge?) of Ukraine’s supreme court has been arrested (and presumably suspended or removed) for ‘corruption.’ One specification claims he took $2.7 million in bribes on a single case. Now, compared to the FedGov, this guy is a piker: look at the godfather now in DC. And too many past and present members of Congress. But still, it is more proof that democracy is always corrupted by bribery — either legal or illegal.” (05/20/23)