Muh Roads: Stop Subsidizing Sprawl

Source: Garrison Center
by Thomas L Knapp

“When a developer decides to turn a large plot of land into a piece of ‘suburbia,’ one of the main considerations is ease of commute … and neither developers nor prospective residents want to shoulder the costs of road expansion to keep traffic moving. Try proposing a toll road in any area and see who squawks loudest. It will be the people who use the road and would have to pay the tolls (and the developers trying to sell houses to them). Instead of ‘paying their fair share,’ they want to shift much of the cost to urban residents who get lower gas mileage … to rural residents who aren’t rushing into town … and to pedestrians and cyclists who pay sales taxes that make up the deficit when gas taxes aren’t enough, all while taking their lives in their own hands interacting with entitled, lead-footed suburban motorists.” (05/20/23)