Ten Years After Snowden: Some Things Are Better, Some We’re Still Fighting For

Source: Electronic Frontier Foundation
by Matthew Guariglia, Cindy Cohn, & Andrew Crocker

“Groups like EFF had been fighting since long before 2013 to reveal and stop the dangerous mass surveillance conducted within the heart of the secretive national security apparatus. But after that summer, Snowden’s revelations acted like a flood light, allowing everyone to better see and understand what happens inside the black box of government surveillance of millions of innocent people in the US. and around the world. The tremendous amount of evidence slowed, if not stopped, the disingenuous denials that the government had made both publicly and privately in response to our allegations. The actual documentary evidence also helped us to better pinpoint our demands, our questions, and our legal tools. Now, ten years after those pivotal revelations, what has changed?” (05/19/23)