Democrats warn Biden against toughening aid for the poor

Source: Reuters

“Democrats in the U.S. Congress expressed frustration with President Joe Biden’s willingness to engage with Republicans demanding tougher work requirements for food aid recipients as part of any deal to raise the nation’s debt ceiling. They have stopped short of threatening to block such moves, as talks on lifting the federal government’s $31.4 trillion borrowing limit shifted into a bilateral format between Democrat Biden, Republican House of Representatives Speaker Kevin McCarthy and their staffs. If Biden and McCarthy reach a deal, possibly as soon as Sunday, Congress could struggle to get enough votes for passage ahead of a June, when the Treasury Department has warned the government may be unable to pay all its bills. Some hardline Republicans may push back against any increase in the debt ceiling, while some progressive Democrats voiced opposition to the work limits after spending months calling for a ‘clean’ hike without conditions.” (05/18/23)