Free Daniel Penny

Source: Wall Street Journal
by William McGurn

“When Daniel Penny stepped forward on a New York subway to protect his fellow commuters from an obviously deranged man, the former Marine sergeant couldn’t have imagined that two weeks later he’d be perp-walked in handcuffs before news cameras outside Manhattan’s Fifth Precinct. In one of the worst decisions by one of America’s worst prosecutors, Alvin Bragg on Friday charged Mr. Penny, 24, with second-degree manslaughter. The charge alleges Mr. Penny killed Jordan Neely, 30, by acting recklessly in keeping him in a chokehold too long. Neely was familiar to authorities from his long rap sheet and his presence on a list of the top 50 homeless New Yorkers most in need of help. … Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez played her part accordingly, quickly calling Neely’s death ‘a public execution.’ Protesters blocked subway trains in Neely’s name.” (05/18/23)