The Access Journalism-House Republican Mind Meld

Source: The American Prospect
by David Dayen

“I remember Duncan Black (the blogger known as Atrios) remarking that Congress would be a more functional place if every House and Senate office turned off the cable news networks that buzzed all day long, generating artificial momentum around politics. I’d like to add an additional observation: Congress would work better for the American people if House and Senate offices blocked the morning Beltway tipsheets from their in-boxes. For years, political intelligence newsletters from Politico, Axios, and elsewhere have been a key part of the Washington ecosystem, as a sort of slightly more evolved form of horse-race journalism …. What can be lost on the reader is the razor-thin dividing line in access journalism between reporting the news and creating it: the way in which the tipsheets launder the desires of powerful people and pressure their opponents to go along.” (05/18/23)