A Nationwide UPS Strike Could Be Weeks Away

Source: In These Times
by Teddy Ostrow & Ruby Walsh

“Hello, my name is Teddy Ostrow. Welcome to the Upsurge, a podcast about UPS, the Teamsters, and the future of the American labor movement. This podcast unpacks the unprecedented labor fight this year at UPS. In July, the contract of over 340,000 UPS workers will expire and if those workers strike, which is a real possibility, it will be the largest strike against a single company in US history. … Assisted by 155 miles of conveyor belt, 20,000 UPSers work here, sorting up to 416,000 packages per hour, loading and unloading trucks and planes at the facility’s 70 aircraft docks, where millions of packages are delivered to more than 220 countries and territories around the world. The head-spinning operations at Worldport make clear that UPS is not simply a package delivery company, but a multi-national logistics corporation.” (05/18/23)