Countries, migration, and existence

Source: Notes On Liberty
by Brandon Christensen

“[Branko] Milanovic is right to attack the idea of state sovereignty, and he’s treading on grounds plowed by Hayek and Mises during the interwar years, but he gets everything oh-so-wrong by suggesting migration as a prescription for the ills of our Westphalian world. The problem with this approach to abolishing national sovereignties is that it actually strengthens the case made by national sovereigntists for the continued sanctity of their states. Who in Italy or France is going to want 90% of Liberians to migrate to their country? And — in the minds of Italians and the French – this call for mass migration into their countries, by a left-wing economist, is just further proof that borders need to be tightened and migration needs to be throttled.” (05/18/23)