Could Donald Trump run a good campaign?

Source: Semafor
by Shelby Talcott

“In December, a Trump campaign spokesman described the 2024 race as ‘a marathon’ and assured Semafor that operations were being built out ‘to wage an overwhelming campaign that’s never been seen before.’ The professional Republican class rolled their eyes. Trump hasn’t become any more traditional or moderate in his rhetoric or positions since then. The CNN town hall his campaign celebrated last week included him mocking a sexual assault accusation, promising to pardon January 6th rioters, and delivering a lengthy defense of his ‘Access Hollywood’ tape, all of which Democrats couldn’t wait to clip and save for future attacks. But six months after his campaign bottomed out, Trump appears to be presiding over something new to his career in politics: A low-drama, high-functioning organization. They’ve flanked Ron DeSantis early on doing the grubby political work of congressional endorsements, logistics, and messaging.” (05/18/23)