Do Conservatives Actually Like RFK Jr., or Do They Just Think He’ll Hurt Biden?

Source: Reason
by Joe Lancaster

“Last year, groups aligned with Democrats spent tens of millions of dollars boosting illiberal Republican primary candidates to sabotage moderate Republicans who would’ve had a better chance of winning a general election. Those fringe Republicans won their respective primaries but lost to Democrats in the November general elections. The practice was controversial even within the party: Thirty-five former Democratic elected officials condemned the tactic during the primary season, calling it ‘destructive’ and ‘risky and unethical.’ Perhaps Republicans are now boosting Kennedy — an eco-warrior who wants to jail his opponents and shut down companies that disagree with him — not out of a sincere desire to see him prevail but to weaken Joe Biden. Or maybe jailing opponents and shutting down dissident companies are now tenets of American conservatism.” (05/17/23)