President Ramaswamy?

Source: Town Hall
by John Stossel

“Entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy is obviously a long shot presidential candidate, but he’s refreshing. Unlike most politicians, he speaks clearly and seems smart. He probably is smart. He went to Harvard and Yale and then founded a biotech firm that creates drugs that treat prostate cancer, endometriosis, fibroids and more. That made me ask him, since he clearly helped people as a medical entrepreneur, why go into politics, when most politicians are useless or destructive? ‘I am in this race to speak truth,’ Ramaswamy says in my new video. ‘To revive our missing national identity.’ Most Americans, he says, don’t know ‘We’re a nation built on the rule of law, free speech and open debate, that we embrace meritocracy over grievance, that we embrace the unapologetic pursuit of excellence.’ In other words, Ramaswamy is running as the ‘anti-woke’ candidate.” [editor’s note: I’ll take “Honorifics That Will Never Be Used Except in Jokes” for $500, Alex – TLK] (05/17/23)