IRS Takes a Welcome [sic] Step Into the 20th Century

Source: The American Prospect
by Ryan Cooper

“The Internal Revenue Service confirmed on Tuesday that it is working on an online system whereby Americans would be able to file their taxes directly to the agency, for free. The agency released a report on the feasibility and cost of free-file, showing that costs would be relatively minimal and taxpayers are interested in using it. The Washington Post reports that the system ‘will be available through a pilot program for a small group of taxpayers by January, when the 2024 filing season begins.’ … It’s long since time that the IRS stopped enabling bloodsucking economic parasites like Intuit and H&R Block, and started putting them out of business.” [editor’s note: #taxationistributetotheking – SAT] [editor’s note: “Bloodsucking economic parasite” is the IRS’s job description – TLK] (05/17/23)